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We invest in companies that are years ahead in innovation that disrupt traditional ways to make customers successful. In the same light we wanted to find a best of breed partner that shared the same values, passion and commitment to make these investments successful in new markets. I’m very excited about our NEXTGEN partnership, leveraging their market leading position and their innovative and customer insight driven approach to deliver new solutions to market. It’s great to be jointly invested with NEXTGEN to drive the success of my portfolio of companies.

Gurpreet Ghuliani,
Head of Telstra Ventures Strategic Synergy Team

NEXTGEN provided a lead with the CIO and Director, Infrastructure at large government customer this morning. Extremely productive meeting with them leading us on next steps + commercials. Very well -informed information provided to conduct a first call from NEXTGEN. The call quickly moved from a so-called introductory call to next steps and raising commercials. A big thank you to NEXTGEN regarding quality of the lead and for attending to see the process from end to end.

Dean Kelly ,
Regional Sales Director, Federal Government & ACT, Rubrik

The market intelligence we received from oSpace gave us a clearer perspective on the highest value verticals for sales and marketing outreach. It assisted us in bolstering our pipeline and gave our sales team a helpful shortcut to target accounts.

John McCarthy,
Marketing Manager, Digital Sense

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Your APAC growth engine

oSpace combines sophisticated data intelligence, lead and demand generation, account-based
marketing and sales execution to help vendors and partners drive scalable business opportunities.

The first thing you need to know
The right information = the right decisions

Making the right business decision relies on having instant access to up-to-date critical data.
The oSpace dashboard allows you to assess the performance of your programs.
Access market insights, potential opportunities and pipeline.

Cost saving

Leave it to us

To establish an APAC office companies expend a lot of time, resources and money. oSpace has built relationships with leading businesses and key decision makers throughout the region, giving you a solid foundation for your business expansion. With in-depth research on accounts, contact details, and critical data, and established call centres for telesales, we can provide qualified leads that nurture prospects and convert to sales. Reducing your stress and organizational risk.

Business challenges when expanding into APAC

Building your path to success.
It’s who you know

No data, no local presence, no network, no reference clients, no brand awareness, no pipeline, no local resources or knowledge, no priority focus, no management time, no APAC revenue. These are the roadblocks to successfully expanding into the APAC region. oSpace has established and strengthened relationships with leading businesses and can match them with your business to deliver a sales pipeline. Our team of local experts understand business operations in APAC markets and can offer invaluable insights into the best entry routes for you.

Business challenges when expanding into APAC

Three steps to successfully expanding
your business into APAC

Step One - Start


  • Talk with our senior APAC experts

  • Receive an APAC expansion plan

  • Conduct a proof of concept

Step Two - Establish


  • Create a presence in a fast growing region

  • Build relationships with leading businesses

  • Generate brand, product, and company awareness

Step Three - Grow


  • Target key accounts through market research

  • Create demand generation digital marketing campaigns

  • Engage tele prospecting and sales to develop a pipeline and drive revenue

Case Study

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Leading application security vendor Veracode required assistance in Australia and New Zealand to revitalise their channel sales pipeline.



Using existing vendor content assets, oSpace delivered a highly targeted digital campaign via paid media on LinkedIn and Facebook, informed by intent data and website visitor insights to better engage organisations as their research behaviour intensified.



170 assets downloads
USD$600K revenue in pipeline sales
20:1 ROI

Case Study

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Leading IT monitoring and management software vendor SolarWinds required assistance in Australia and New Zealand to strengthen their channel sales pipeline and to create cross-sell opportunities.



oSpace identified net new decision-makers and influencers working for target companies and current SolarWinds clients, qualified opportunities, and set appointments on behalf of key SolarWinds partners.



73 target companies reached
9 booked meetings
220% pipeline target achieved

Case Study

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Datacom engaged oSpace to drive incremental AWS sales opportunities through identifying and targeting Oracle customers looking to migrate their workloads to AWS.



oSpace provided an end-to-end service capability to identify Oracle customers showing active buying signals. oSpace then identified key personas working for those organisations, qualified, and set up meetings on behalf of Datacom.



148 companies qualified
300 key personas discovered
14 booked meetings

You have questions.

We have the right answers

Wherever you are in your APAC growth journey you’re going to have a number of questions that
need reliable, experienced and impartial answers. If you have a question we haven’t covered here,
contact one of our senior APAC business growth specialists.

It depends on the specific project, but for the targeting precision and results achieved in the past, LinkedIn is one of the most important digital channels in B2B.

Intent data tells you when buyers are actively researching online for a solution, and which products and services they are interested in, based on the web content they consume.

We assess your audience and needs and recommend the use of Intent Data only if we think it will add value and help you achieve your goals.

oSpace cannot guarantee the conversion of MQL Leads to SQL Leads or Sales when you choose to run a standard tele/digital prospecting program. However, if you choose to run an oSpace Sales as a Service (SaaS) program, oSpace will act as your sales agent and be responsible for further nurturing of opportunities we generate.

oSpace doesn’t share your leads with any other clients. Whether or not you convert your leads, they will only ever be available to you.

All leads are qualified as per AUTHORITY and NEED in the BANT lead qualification criteria ("Marketing Qualified Leads", MQL). You will receive a lead report with lead conversation notes, pain points, solution needs and more each time we generate a lead.

At oSpace, we understand that making the right business decisions relies on having instant access to up-to-date critical data. The oSpace Platform will allow you to assess the performance of your program, market insights, potential opportunities and pipeline.

About us

Our business is a hub of collaboration within the channel that makes it easy for technology partners to do business with international vendors on complex and ever-changing product suites. Our unique and award-winning combination of specialist knowledge, innovative technology platforms and complementary services enables our partners and vendors to stay relevant and remain ahead in this dynamic IT environment.